Monterey Cypress Collection Added to Gallery One

Sunrise, Old Monterey Cypress Hedgerow, The Sea Ranch

Sunrise, Old Monterey Cypress Hedgerow, The Sea Ranch

I have just posted my Monterey Cypress collection in Gallery One. This collection contains some images from my old website and some brand new work.

While it is native to the Central Coast of California, the Monterey Cypress thrives on the North Coast. Historically, the Cypress was planted in long hedgerows to act as wind-breaks and borders for various ranch fields.

The tree is a popular subject with photographers. I much like its very graphic nature. Its bark is highly textured and sometimes seems almost braided; side-lighting really emphasizes that texture. Too, its repeating branch structure is highly graphic and makes for wonderful images. Long hedgerows of the trees are favorite subjects. Finally, the wind shapes the tree in ways unique to the cypress: the tree becomes flat-topped and looks wind-blown, even when the air is calm.

I think you will enjoy these images.

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