Electronic Folios (eFolios)

Inspired by the work of Brooks Jensen, editor of LensWork, I have begun to assemble my work into electronic portfolios which I call eFolios. Each eFolio will explore a single topic, generally drawn from the North Coast of California. Each eFolio will contain twelve to twenty-four images plus some modest introductory text.

An eFolio is a pdf document. I have chosen to optimize the eFolios for display on the Apple iPad “retina” display. The incredible resolution of these devices helps to convey the fine texture and tonality that I aim to capture in many of my images. While the eFolios will look best on the iPad retina display, they still look wonderful on lower resolution displays of other tablets or conventional notebook and desktop computer displays.

I am making these folios available for free of charge. If you would like to download one or more of the eFolios, please send a note indicating which eFolio(s) are of interest. You can use the E-Mail form on my contact page. I will respond with a password(s) you will need to download one or more eFolios.

Please play fair! All of the eFolios, like all of the material on this site, are copyrighted.

I have several more eFolios in process or planning. Please check back here frequently, subscribe to my mailing list or my RSS feed to learn about additional eFolios.

Here are the folios now available. Once you have received a password, just click on the download link and enjoy!

Intimate Images of Sandstone: Small-Scale Landscapes of the Ocean Bluff

Intimate Images of Sandstone Cover

Intimate Images of Sandstone Cover

This eFolio of fourteen color images explores the sandstone bluffs of Northern California at small scale, specifically those at The Sea Ranch in Sonoma County. While not macro photography, the compositions isolate graphic elements in the layered, fractured and eroding bluffs. Sandstone is almost always gritty; when viewed on a high resolution display, the images in this eFolio strongly convey the texture of the bluffs.  Password required.


Beaches & Bluffs of The Sea Ranch, Images in Monochrome, Volume 1

Beaches & Bluffs of The Sea Ranch Cover

Beaches & Bluffs of The Sea Ranch Cover

This eFolio contains 18 images and explores the rugged, eroding sandstone bluffs and beaches of this community located on the coast of Sonoma County. Password required.


Images of Fort Ross

Images of Fort Ross Cover

Images of Fort Ross Cover

This eFolio of 22 images celebrates the bicentennial of the founding of the settlement at Fort Ross in what is now Sonoma County, California, by the Russian American Company. Password required


ReadMe. This short pdf provides my recommendations on applications for viewing the eFolios and tips on navigating an eFolio. No password needed.

As always, I welcome your feedback on my work. Please use the E-Mail form.