Printed Folios (pFolios)

Today we do most image sharing and viewing electronically, primarily over the web. Practicalities of web-publishing limit the images we post to down-sized (fewer pixels) files. My eFolios, with a one-time down-load of a larger pdf file, provide a way to share higher resolution images, resolutions that help to convey the texture of the North Coast I aim to capture with my camera. eFolio images, when viewed on a high resolution screen like a modern tablet, are wonderful. Still, even a fine tablet is an electronic device that can be somewhat heavy to handle after a few minutes and lacks the tactile feel of a traditional photographic print.

I have begun to assemble collections of images into printed folios (pFolios). I print my pFolios on 8.5″ x 11″ heavy-gauge professional ink-jet printing paper with images typically 6″ x 9″, leaving a healthy border that allows one to hand hold the print without fear of finger prints on the the image itself. I think 8.5″ x 11″ makes a perfect size for hand holding. Images are easily viewed at normal arms-length distances and can be viewed again and again. Together with a short narrative, I place eight prints in a nice heavy-stock folio cover and enclose the package in a polypropylene bag. I use only archival materials to help the prints achieve the full longevity possible with modern pigment-based inks. The pFolio can be stored on a bookshelf, solving the problem of limited wall space that many people have.

The pFolio prints can also be matted and framed for display. I prefer 11″ x 14″ frames and mats though these prints could be mounted without a mat and placed in an 8.5″ x 11″ frame.

To date, I have produced two pFolios. Here is a brief description.

Intimate Images of Sandstone: Small-Scale Landscapes of the Ocean Bluff

This pFolio of eight color prints celebrates the intriguing layers of gritty sandstone exposed at the ocean bluff at The Sea Ranch, California. Here are thumbnails of the eight images in the pFolio.

Water’s Edge: The Sea Ranch, California

This folio of eight monochrome (“black & white”) prints explores the ocean’s edge in northern Sonoma County, California.

To learn more about pFolios, please use the inquiry form on my Contact page.