I am currently featuring two main galleries on my website.

Gallery One features my newest images from the North Coast of California in color. For the most part, the work in Gallery One comes from 2011 and later though it does include a few images from my earlier work. Gallery One represents a major update to the images presented on this website and aims to present images representative of my current style. As always, I hope that my images impart a strong sense of place and feeling for the solitude and beauty of the North Coast.

Gallery Two also features current work from the North Coast but all of the images are in monochrome (frequently termed “black & white”). As my photography has evolved over the past eight years, I have tended to favor a more graphic and sometimes abstract style. Monochrome photography fits both graphic and abstract images exceptionally well so I have begun to experiment with it. I’m not sure how this will evolve in the future; it could be that an increasing fraction of my work will be in monochrome. I am curious about exploring monochrome photography more.

Older Work. My prior website featured older work, primarily from the period 2007 to 2010. My photography has evolved over time and I believe that earlier work is no longer representative of the work I’m producing today.

Navigation. Follow the links under the “Galleries” tab at the top of the page or follow the links under “Galleries” on the right hand column to select and move among the collections.