Fort Ross

This collection explores Fort Ross and its environs on the isolated coast of Sonoma County, California, about 80 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Two hundred three years ago, 1812, California was under Spanish control while Alaska was still a province of Russia. The Russian-American Company, responsible for Russia’s interests in Alaska, sent a party south to explore and settle in California with the aim of supplying food to the Alaskan settlements. While the Russian-American Company’s presence in California lasted only until 1841, its influence on coastal Sonoma County is still seen today, especially through the preservation and re-creation of the settlement in Fort Ross State Historic Park.

My photography is usually directed toward capturing the natural scene of coastal northern California. But, the bicentennial of the settlement of Fort Ross and was a fitting time to capture some of the human history of the coast. I also assembled an eFolio of images of Fort Ross. This pdf of 22 images is available for download. Please see the Folios page for more information.

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