Sandstone: Intimate Images

Several of the collections in Gallery One explore the sandstone ocean bluffs of Northern California, specifically those at The Sea Ranch on the coast of Sonoma County. I continue to be attracted to these bluffs. The texture is almost always gritty and the patterns of layered, fractured and eroding sandstone provide graphic shapes that I enjoy capturing with my camera. I hope that you come away from this gallery with a strong sense of these bluffs.

I first saw the term “intimate landscape” used by the fine contemporary British landscape photographer David Ward. (I believe that pioneering color landscape photographer Eliot Porter used the term earlier.) In contrast to the familiar grand landscapes that capture broad, sweeping vistas, intimate landscapes emphasize details in the landscape. I find these small-scale landscapes to be a very effective way to express my unique point of view about my surroundings and to convey an almost tactile sense of place. While small scale, these images are far from macro-images. The images in this gallery are typically compositions one or two meters on an edge.

Many of the images in this gallery also appear in my eFolio “Intimate Images  of Sandstone” available for free download. Some of these images are also included in my pFolio “Intimate Images of Sandstone.” Go to the eFolios or pFolios page to learn more.

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