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Sunrise, Old Monterey Cypress Hedgerow, The Sea Ranch

Sunrise, Old Monterey Cypress Hedgerow, The Sea Ranch

Welcome to my updated website!

I was surprised to receive a notice from my website hosting provider announcing shutdown of their service. The notice arrived just before the July 4 holiday in the U.S.. I have found a new hosting provider with whom I am very happy (Bluehost) and am relocating my site to their servers.

There is an old saying “three moves are as good as a fire,” freeing us to remove the old things from our possessions. I began photographing the North Coast of California in 2007. As I have gained experience, my approach to photography has changed and my earlier images are no longer representative of my more recent work. My last website, largely put in place in 2011, was in need of update and the move provides the impetus to bring my site up to date. My updated site will (almost) exclusively feature work I’ve done from 2011 onward.

I have also updated the infrastructure of my site to place even more emphasis on the images and improve site robustness. You will find larger thumbnails and larger full-size images that are displayed on a much improved light-box. The site should be fully “responsive” — a term web-folks use to mean viewable on displays of all sizes (smart phones, tablets, large and small computer monitors). While much is new behind the scenes, I have tried to keep the visible changes evolutionary; the look and feel of the site retain clear linkages to my prior site.

The site is still under construction but I now have enough material available to “go-live.” Please take a look and enjoy! Same familiar URL: www.edgelightimages.com.

About the Header Image

Return to Wildness

Return to Wildness

The image at the top of this and many  pages in my website is entitled “Return to Wildness.” I captured the image on the shore of Schooner Bay in Drakes Estero at Point Reyes National Seashore. Drakes Estero became a designated wilderness area in 1976. After a long  legal battle, commercial oystering operations in the estero ceased at the end of 2014. The Park Service has removed the oyster processing buildings and is continues to remove remaining remnants of commercial operations from the estero.

I shot the image at dawn on a very quiet Sunday morning in February 2015. The image is a panorama assembled from seven individual frames. The composite TIFF file is a very high resolution image that can be printed up to 60 inches wide (and 17 inches high). The header image is, of course, much smaller at only 990 pixels wide.

I have the opportunity to photograph at Point Reyes in the winter months. More than any other image I’ve taken at Point Reyes National Seashore, this image conveys the sense of peace and tranquility of the North Coast that I seek to capture in much of my photography.

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