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Winter Clouds: A New Collection in Gallery Two

Storm Clouds, Shell Beach, The Sea Ranch

After a long quiescent period, I’ve added a new monochrome collection to Gallery Two (Monochrome): Winter Clouds.

This study of clouds along the North Coast of California during the winter rainy season emphasizes the texture of dark nimbus clouds approaching the coast and light, fluffy cumulus clouds that frequently appear at low-levels after storms pass and the sun warms the ocean meadow.

The winter of 2016-2017 brought copious rainfall to most of California. Locally, we received about 65 inches of rain (165 cm) – almost twice our usual rainfall. I captured most of the images in this new collection during that very wet winter.

I will soon have a printed folio (pFolio) of eight monochrome prints of the Winter Clouds available. Watch my blog for more information.

Fort Ross Collection Added to Gallery One


Metal Smith’s Workshop, Fort Ross State Historic Park, Sonoma County

I have just posted my Fort Ross collection to Gallery One. This collection explores the site of the Russian-American Company’s nineteenth century outpost on the coast of Sonoma County. The collection celebrates the 2012 bicentennial of the settlement.

The Russian-American Company, responsible for Russia’s interests in Alaska at the time, sent a part south in 1812 to establish an outpost on the coast of California. The outpost was to provide food to the Alaskan settlements.

While the Russian settlement was abandoned by 1841, its presence continues to be felt on the coast of Sonoma County  especially through Fort Ross State Historic Park with its fine recreations of the original settlement. The Park also encompasses an orchard where apple trees planted by the Russian settlers still stand.

As I complete rebuilding my website over the next month, I will have an eFolio of images from Fort Ross available for free download. Watch for a future announcement. For the interim, please enjoy the images in my Fort Ross collection.

Monterey Cypress Collection Added to Gallery One

Sunrise, Old Monterey Cypress Hedgerow, The Sea Ranch

Sunrise, Old Monterey Cypress Hedgerow, The Sea Ranch

I have just posted my Monterey Cypress collection in Gallery One. This collection contains some images from my old website and some brand new work.

While it is native to the Central Coast of California, the Monterey Cypress thrives on the North Coast. Historically, the Cypress was planted in long hedgerows to act as wind-breaks and borders for various ranch fields.

The tree is a popular subject with photographers. I much like its very graphic nature. Its bark is highly textured and sometimes seems almost braided; side-lighting really emphasizes that texture. Too, its repeating branch structure is highly graphic and makes for wonderful images. Long hedgerows of the trees are favorite subjects. Finally, the wind shapes the tree in ways unique to the cypress: the tree becomes flat-topped and looks wind-blown, even when the air is calm.

I think you will enjoy these images.

Point Reyes Collection

Headlands Profiled by a Winter Dawn, Point Reyes National Seashore

Headlands Profiled by a Winter Dawn, Point Reyes National Seashore

I’ve added a new collection to my website: images from Point Reyes National Seashore. The only national seashore on the west coast, Point Reyes is a national treasure.

Located only 25 miles or so north of the Golden Gate Bridge, the seashore preserves rich biologic, geologic and cultural resources. The seashore includes multiple designated wilderness areas where it is indeed possible to get totally away from the hustle and bustle of the urban Bay Area. The San Andreas rift zone defines the eastern edge of the park, making it a good place to view plate tectonics (hopefully almost) in action. The western tip of Point Reyes is home to the lighthouse and, some 12 miles west of the main shoreline and 500 feet above sea level is a great place to watch the annual migration of the grey whale.

The Point Reyes collection is located in Gallery One on my website. Please enjoy!

Two More Gallery Pages Available, Once Again

King Tide, Eroding Bluff, The Sea Ranch

King Tide, Eroding Bluff, The Sea Ranch

I have republished my Sandstone: Water’s Edge collection in Gallery One on my website. The twelve images in this collection explore the interface between the ocean and our sandstone bluffs. Our bluffs erode at a rate of 6 to 12 inches per year; no doubt, the action of the ocean helps speed that erosion.



Eroding Blocks of Sandstone, Del Mar Point

Eroding Blocks of Sandstone, Del Mar Point

I have also republished my Sandstone: Intimate Images collection in Gallery One. These small-scale landscapes explore the details and texture of our sandstone bluffs.

The work to get my website fully back online and updated continues.

Updated Website Online

Sunrise, Old Monterey Cypress Hedgerow, The Sea Ranch

Sunrise, Old Monterey Cypress Hedgerow, The Sea Ranch

Welcome to my updated website!

I was surprised to receive a notice from my website hosting provider announcing shutdown of their service. The notice arrived just before the July 4 holiday in the U.S.. I have found a new hosting provider with whom I am very happy (Bluehost) and am relocating my site to their servers.

There is an old saying “three moves are as good as a fire,” freeing us to remove the old things from our possessions. I began photographing the North Coast of California in 2007. As I have gained experience, my approach to photography has changed and my earlier images are no longer representative of my more recent work. My last website, largely put in place in 2011, was in need of update and the move provides the impetus to bring my site up to date. My updated site will (almost) exclusively feature work I’ve done from 2011 onward.

I have also updated the infrastructure of my site to place even more emphasis on the images and improve site robustness. You will find larger thumbnails and larger full-size images that are displayed on a much improved light-box. The site should be fully “responsive” — a term web-folks use to mean viewable on displays of all sizes (smart phones, tablets, large and small computer monitors). While much is new behind the scenes, I have tried to keep the visible changes evolutionary; the look and feel of the site retain clear linkages to my prior site.

The site is still under construction but I now have enough material available to “go-live.” Please take a look and enjoy! Same familiar URL:

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